Dịch vụ visa

When you are in Vietnam, if having any problems, personal documents are required to have Identity Cards (ID). When going abroad, countries on around the world do not recognize Identity Cards (ID). Personal documents are required and recognized by all countries as Passports. However, the passport is only a necessary condition for entry and exit. And the eligibility is Visa. What is a Visa? Why must I apply for a Visa? How to apply for a Visa?

What is a Visa?
"Visa" means “Thi Thuc” in Vietnamese. We often use English working with the Embassy so we gradually call “Visa” instead of “Thi Thuc”
Visa - a kind of document granted by a competent authority is usually the Embassy or Consulate of an issuing country. Accordingly, it is permissible for the owner to enter and exit the country with the number of entries and the maximum stay (s) corresponding to the type of visa granted.

Why must we apply for a visa?
Illegal migration, illegal labor has always been a problem for developed countries. People in developing countries always find out the way to move to developed countries, and escape from illegal labor.
They choose a safer solution by applying Visa for a tourist, study abroad, business, labor ... to set foot in developed countries or more stable. From that, they will escape and stay at those countries; therefore, visa approval is becoming tighter.
The nature of visa application approval is to see if the applicant has the right purpose. Adoption of visa approval may deny the entry restrictions depending on the country's policies. And refusing the visa applicant for the wrong purpose.

What types of visas are available?
There are many ways to classify Visas but mainly base on purpose and by the number of times. Depending on the country, there are different classifications and different types of visas:
• Classification of Visas by purpose: Resident Visas; Tourist Visa; Business Visa; Visiting Visas; Commercial, Business Visas; Visa for medical examination and treatment; Labor Visa; Student Visa
• Classification of Visas by the number of entries: Single entry Visa; Multiple entry Visa
• Classification of Visas by deadlines: Short-term Visa; Long-term visa
• Some special Visas: Schengen Visa, Visa on arrival, E-Visa

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