Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son – Ban Rak Thai “Phượng Hoàng Cổ Trấn” phiên bản Thái

Từ Chiang Mai trầm mặc với nếp sống yên bình và văn hóa đặc trưng được lưu giữ qua hàng trăm năm nay, vùng đất kỳ thú Mae Hong Son giáp biên giới Thái – Myanmar nổi danh với nhiều thị trấn nhỏ đằm thắm, nhẹ nhàng và rất đỗi yên bình, một thị trấn Pai thôn dã đến Baan Rak Thai bao quanh bởi sự xanh mát của các đồi chè, hành trình tràn ngập thiên nhiên. Chuyến đi này sẽ giúp cho du khách hoàn toàn được thư thái, quên đi những muộn phiền, mệt mỏi của cuộc sống hàng ngày ngoài kia
Giá tour: Liên hệ
Ngày khởi hành: Tháng 9/2022
Thời gian: 5 ngày 4 đêm
Phương tiện: Máy bay, Xe khách,


  • Beautiful little houses with flower gardens in front, fog in the early morning and evening, the smell of fragrant coffee rising from all directions, simple but attractive dishes in Pai town
  • Sutongpe Bridge – where you can immerse yourself in the village life at Mae Hong Son
  • Ban Rak Thai This is a Chinese village in The Golden Temple country with beautiful natural scenery, green tea hills and ancient houses with Chinese architecture.
  • Come to chiang mai “northern rose” – a place with the natural beauty, poetry of fertile valleys, rice fields intertwined with winding hills.


Guests gathered at Tan Son Nhat Airport International Terminal, Guide Hong Ngoc Ha picked up the delegation at the rendezvous point, checked in for a flight to Chiang Mai (Transit at Bangkok airport). Arriving in Chiangmai, the car and the local guide picked up the delegation to visit Doi Suthep – since ancient times, Doi Suthep has been considered a sacred place. When Buddhism was spread here by the Siamese, the top of Doi Suthep Hill became the center of the universe and the center of Buddhism in Lanna. Doi Suthep Temple, Chiang Mai’s holiest temple with a age of 600 years located on the hillside is the first destination when coming to the city. To get to the temple, you must pass 309 stairs and the Royal Thai Summer Palace is also located on Doi Suthep Hill which is the most beautiful spot in the city. After dinner, the group returned to the hotel to check in and rest. Spend the night in Chiang Mai.

DAY 2: CHIANG MAI – PAI (Eat three meals)

Breakfast and hotel check-out. The bus takes the group to pai town famous for its small and poetic look. Visit Chedi Phra That Mae Yen Temple, pai’s highest-positioned temple, which is also the holiest, with hundreds of steps leading up to the large white Buddha statue and overlooking pai town. Having lunch at the local restaurant, you take a photo at pai historical’s historic bridge , a landmark associated with stories from World War II, with a walking steel bridge overlooking the river, looking in the distance is a cornfield. Return to the hotel to check in and rest in the peaceful, pure atmosphere of Pai town. After that, you enjoy a cup of coffee at Coffee in Love – a famous café in Pai that everyone who comes to Pai must visit “check-in” because it has appeared in the context of Pai in Love and Lost in Thailand by Jackie Chan. Sipping a cup of coffee while looking down at the beautiful view valley. Guests head to pai grand canyon to watch the sunset. After dinner, we walked the night market in Pai. Return to the hotel to check in for a break, spend the night in Pai.


Breakfast at the hotel and check-out. Visitors to Yun Lai Viewpoint are one of the certain places not to be missed when coming to Pai. This is the most amazing aerial view in this mountainous, rural town. Yun Lai Viewpoint is most beautiful at sunset or at sunrise at the beginning of the day. In the early morning in Yun Lai Viewpoint, in the cold, enjoying a hot cup of tea with your eyes looking down at the quiet village at the foot of the mountain, you will feel how lovely life is. The group departs for the Thai version of “Phoenix Old Town” – Ban Rak Thai, a small village nestled on the highest area of Mae Hong Son province, where it is especially famous for its green tea hills. This is a town dubbed picturesque around the lake, is one of the rare places where houses made from mud bricks with thatched roofs, exude old beauty and easily make visitors feel like they are back in the past. Take a boat ride around the village of Ban Rak Thai. Then return to the hotel to check in and rest. Spend the night at Mae Hong Son.

DAY 4: MAE HONG SON – CHIANG MAI (Eat three meals)

Breakfast and check-in to the hotel. The Sutongpe Bridge tour is a bamboo bridge stretching through the fields, located in a peaceful little village of Mae Hong Son. The place is surrounded by green mountains and rich rice fields. You continue to depart back to Chiang Mai – the “magnificent northern rose of Thailand”, visit Wat Lok Molee – the special ancient temple of Chiang Mai, famous for its exquisite sculptures and strangely peaceful scenery. Dinner at the local restaurant. Check in to the hotel and rest. Spend the night in Chiang Mai.


Breakfast and check-out. The bus takes the delegation to the airport to check in for the flight back to Ho Chi Minh City (Transit at Bangkok airport). Arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport, the guide said goodbye to the delegation. End of the tour program and see you at the following programs.
Note: Programs and attractions may change according to actual conditions.

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