Dubai – Abu Dhabi 5 ngày 4 đêm – Khách sạn 5 sao

ki-nghi-dang-cap-dubaiki-nghi-dang-cap-dubaiki-nghi-dang-cap-dubaiki-nghi-dang-cap-dubaiki-nghi-dang-cap-dubaiki-nghi-dang-cap-dubaiki-nghi-dang-cap-dubaiKì nghỉ đẳng cấp Dubai
Giá tour: Liên hệ
Ngày khởi hành: Tháng 9,10/2022
Thời gian: 5 Ngày 4 Đêm
Phương tiện: Máy bay, Xe khách,

– Enjoy a glass of fragrant cocoa in the cold space at Chillout Ice Café
– Explore the magnificent Dubai through: Hotel 7* Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirad – Palm Island, Golden Market …
– Visit Abu Dhabi – Capital of the United Arab Emirates with: Sheikh Zayed Cathedral, Presidential Palace, Emirates Palace Luxury Hotel, Ferrari-Bay
display area with 5-star airline Emirates


The head of the delegation picks you up at the rendezvous gate at Tan Son Nhat Airport to check in directly to Dubai by Emirates Airlines. Guests rest on the plane.

DAY 2: DUBAI – ICED COFFEE (Eat three meals)

Arriving in Dubai, the car and HDV take you back to the hotel for breakfast. Then take you to visit Dubai: Bastakiya Old Town was built by wealthy merchants, then experience the typical water taxi to visit. You are free to shop at the Gold Souk” market with more than 200 gold shops displaying all kinds of gold jewelry from ancient to modern with quality controlled by the Government. Here, you can also visit the “Spicy Souk” flavor market with a variety of perfumes, spices from frankincense and herbs. Guests will enjoy a glass of aromatic cocoa in the cold space at Chillout Ice Café. The café is made entirely of ice, including curtains, tables, chairs, chandeliers and decorative sculptures. Plates, cups, cups, knives and forks are also made from tape. After that, freely shop at Dubai Mall and can watch water music performances here. Dinner and the freedom to rest.

DAY 3: DUBAI (Eat three meals)

Breakfast at the hotel. The car and guide take you to visit burj khalifa tower – the tallest building in the world with 164 floors, a record height of 828m (the delegation is allowed to visit the 124th floor of the building). After that, the car takes you around Dubai’s new development project area, sightseeing and taking pictures outside the 7* Burj Al Arab Hotel. You visit and shop at the place where carpet products are displayed – with Arab culture. Visit Palm Jumeirad – The largest artificial Palm Island in the world using the aerial tram system. After lunch, the group returned to the hotel to rest and take a sample for covid. Land Cruiser picks up passengers, departs for a dramatic and passionate desert exploration trip across the steep slopes out of sight so that soon the car will fall quickly and suddenly cross the next slope many times higher. Then enjoy a barbecue party at the huts made of dried palm leaves, coarse carpets and low tables. Here, you can take part in camel riding, listen to soothing Arabic music and watch the traditional belly dance program (in Ramanda month there will be no belly dance program). In the evening, we go back to the hotel to rest.

DAY 4: DUBAI – ABU DHABI (Eat three meals)

Breakfast at the hotel. The group departed for Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the largest mosque in the world with a value of about 2 billion dirhams. After lunch, the group stopped to take pictures of the Presidential Palace, emirates palace luxury hotel, Ferrari display area. The free trade group at Date Market – a farmers market specializing in selling dates in Abu Dhabi and Yas shopping center. Return to Dubai for dinner and rest freely.


Breakfast at the hotel. The check-in team departs for the airport to catch a flight back to Vietnam on an Emirates direct flight. Return to Tan Son Nhat airport, end the tour. See you in the following programs.

* In the program there are mandatory shopping spots: carpets, leather goods, dates. If you drop one of the shopping spots, please pay an additional 500,000 VND / point.
Note: The program may vary depending on the specific time and case.

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