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If you intend to stop at Moc Chau during the upcoming flower hunt, don’t miss these 4 unique Moc Chau homestays with beautiful views that are worth checking in below! Let’s discover together with Hong Ngoc Ha Travel!

MAMA’s House – Peaceful Homestay Moc Chau

Located in the area of Ang 3, Dong Sang (Moc Chau), MAMA’s House brings a feeling of intimacy, peace, and closeness just like its name. With an impressive design, the beautiful small wooden houses located on the hillside, hidden behind the ancient apricot gardens, will make you feel like you are lost in Da Lat or Korea.

Mama’s House has small wooden houses on the hillside, hidden deep in the ancient plum and apricot gardens in Ban Ang 3, Dong Sang commune. Here, the houses are listed from 1 to 12, including greenhouses, attic houses, houses under plum trees, and community houses on stilts. The rooms are simply decorated but warm, with pastel blue and wooden furniture.

In the spring, visitors can sit and sip tea at wooden tables or curl up in a warm bed, overlooking the snow-white flower garden. In particular, the resort is also close to the pine forest of Ang village, where there is a plum garden in full bloom, making it convenient for visitors to visit without having to move far.

MAMA’s House Hostel is suitable for solo travelers, groups, families, or couples. A beautiful little wooden house with a good background, allowing you to freely live virtual and check-in at every corner. There is a dog named Cam-the god with a “dumb” face who is always carefree lying in the middle of the dirt road, watching people pass by, then still having a gentle face, looking at the photo of the traveler. The wooden tables and chairs are placed neatly in front of the garden so that guests can sit and enjoy drinks, chat, or simply take beautiful photos as a souvenir. Or a small corner for you to order your favorite drink or food at an affordable cost.

Mama’s House Moc Chau keeps going and wants to come back. Those were the days of absolute peace, a place quiet enough to hear your breath, warm enough not to feel lonely… and chill between the music of the mountains and nature. Because of the large hostel space and too many beautiful views, MAMA’s House brings a new breeze to homestays in Moc Chau. Coming to MAMA’s House , you will be able to walk, breathe in the cool green grass, and listen to the soothing aroma of plants and flowers, then relax with some familiar music. That is why this homestay is affectionately known as ” MAMA’s House “!

The house is white with a green door and is nestled between the mountains and the trees. At MAMA’s House, there are meals, BBQ, hot pot, and drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, sticky rice yogurt, juice, beer, and other alcoholic beverages at very reasonable prices. In particular, all vegetables served for meals are very clean, taken from the vegetable garden grown here, so you can be assured of the quality. At MAMA’s House Moc Chau, you will see a lot of green vegetables. The owner intentionally grows a lot of fresh and clean vegetables to serve the meals of the travelers.

The homestay has a large yard where everyone can gather to grill meat, light a campfire, and sing together. When traveling to Moc Chau, don’t forget to visit here and enjoy the wonderful and cozy atmosphere at Mama’s House!


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Le Chalet du Lac – French miniature space

Le Chalet du Lac is located in Po Pip hamlet, Ban Mon sub-area, about 2 km from Mu Nau plum valley. The name of the homestay is named after the French word “petite maison”, meaning “small wooden house,” but the design is inspired by colorful houses in Bergen, Norway. The houses in the resort are painted white with wooden doors, creating a romantic space that is the favorite check-in point for those who have come here. The interior is mainly made of wood and knitted furniture from rattan and bamboo, creating a feeling of closeness and warmth. It is specially designed with many windows to help the room receive maximum sunlight and feel more airy.

There are 7 rooms in total:

  • Le Chalet Du Lac Deluxe Room (2 units without balcony): 1050K/room from Sunday to Friday, 1250K/room from public holidays, New Year’s Day and Saturday. It includes 2 beds of 1 m6 with full amenities in the room.
  • Deluxe Room With Balcony And Forest View (3 units with balcony): 1250K/room from Sunday to Friday, 1450K/room on holidays, Tet, and Saturday.beds with full amenities in the room.
  • Deluxe Room With Hammock And Forest View: 1350K/room from Sunday to Friday, 1550K/room on holidays, Tet, and Saturday. It includes two 1-m6 hammocks.beds with full amenities in the room. They all have access to a shared swimming pool.



Fairy House Moc Chau – Real fairy garden in the land

Fairy House Moc Chau is located in Ang 2, Dong Sang commune, making it convenient for those who want to visit the pine forest and plum blossom. The design of the homestay is inspired by fairy gardens, with a bungalow house in many shapes, just like in the imagination of children.

In particular, the resort also retains the Thai stilt houses and serves local dishes. Visitors here also especially love the gardens that are always full of flowers and the stone path that weaves around the resort. The rooms or the sunbathing area are decorated with local brocade motifs. While staying here, you can also enjoy a warm dinner with a barbecue or a delicious breakfast with chicken sticky rice, prepared by the butler. There are bungalows for 2–6 people, a witch house, and an Alibaba house for large groups or collective stays.



House By Lake – Just chill, chill and chill!

House By Lake or House by the stream is located on Tran Huy Lieu Street, the center of Moc Chau town. Around the homestay, there is a clear blue stream and an embankment. People plant trees around it to admire the scenery. Especially in January, you can move around the hillsides in the area to find an apricot forest or plum blossoms with white flowers. Homestay has a variety of rooms, from wooden bungalows with ancient mossy roofs, to modern 2-bedroom family houses or community stilt houses for 10 people.

Perhaps it will be difficult for you to imagine the beauty and peace that the House by Lake Moc Chau brings. Located right near the center of Moc Chau town, the homestay is surrounded by a large, beautiful turquoise lake. The water in the lake is clear, and you can see both algae and creatures on the bottom. Due to its proximity to the town center, staying at House by Lake Moc Chau will make it very easy to move to famous tourist attractions around the area, such as Ban Ang pine forest, Moc Chau tea hill, Happy Land, etc. As the name suggests,  “House by Lake Moc Chau” has beautiful small bungalows made from natural wood, located right next to the stream. The back of the bungalow is leaning against the mountain. In front of it is a large blue and clear lake. It will definitely be a charming, poetic scene that anyone will fall in love with when seeing it. It is no coincidence that House by the Lake is likened to the “muse” of the Northwest. Because this homestay is like a shy, wonderfully beautiful fairy, hidden among the poetic scenery, among the branches of apricot flowers and white plum flowers like snow. That has made homestay become “love” many times in the hearts of tourists from all over the world. The House by Lake Moc Chau is a great destination if you are a tourist who wants to experience a space close to nature with a warm and peaceful feeling, like in a fairy tale. Coming here, every day you will hear the murmuring stream, the chirping birds, or breathe the whole sky, the cool and clear air on the plateau of thousands of flowers.


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