Wednesday, 16-02 2022

These days, the hamlets in the west of Nghe An province are filled with the white color of plum flowers. The clusters of white flowers, close together, intertwine among the green mountains, as beautiful as a picture.

Located about 300km from Vinh city, crossing a craggy road on one side of high mountains, an abyss on the other side, through a small pass, visitors will come to the centre of Muong Long commune, Ky Son district, Nghe An province. In this season, Muong Long is likened to a flower paradise when thousands of plum trees are blossoming, thousands of pure white petals are in full bloom, creating captivating beauty.

Muong Long is at an altitude of 1500m above sea level in the Truong Son range, near the border with Laos. This place is likened to the “Gate of Heaven” of Nghe An province.

Coming to the plum blossom hills, visitors will meet a pure white color mixed with the color of old shaggy plum trees, the gentle scent of plums, blowing in the wind as if you are lost in a fairyland.

Plum blossom is a common subject used in traditional paintings and poetry across Vietnam because of its beauty. Plum blossoms usually bloom around late winter and early spring, in January and February. It is regarded as a seasonal symbol in Vietnam. This flower can be found in forests, besides streams and along mountain slopes.






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